10 August 2007

ZEEPBAND live+Gino Grasso Dj-Set

DJ set Cultura - ingresso gratuito



in esclusiva nazionale da LONDRA




DJ set
Gino Grasso
Brazilian flavours, disco-funk

We bring you Zeep; from both the ever-changing universe and the world around the corner - From cosmopolitan London to inspirational Brazil. We bring you an album particularly inspired by the music from the 70s - when it was live, urgent, right-on, scruffy, funky, folksy, sexy, natural... we kept reaching back for that stuff, putting on the old records because they still sound so fresh.

Zeep - the new band presented by Nina Miranda & Chris Franck- set for release, late June 2007. Nina and Chris were involved in two of the biggest selling and critically acclaimed Brazilian influenced acts of the past decade - together as Smoke City (still remembered for their seminal "Underwater Love" track) - and as part of the acclaimed Da Lata outfit.

Over the years they have collaborated with a number of world renowned musicians such as Tony Allen, Baaba Maal, Ernest Ranglin, Naçao Zumbi, Marisa Monte, Sly and Robbie, Nitin Sawhney, Jah Wobble, Femi Kuti, Kassin, Domenico and Moreno+ 2, Arto Lindsay and Bebel Gilberto to name but a few.

Nina & Chris, having first met during the making of the first Smoke City album "Flying Away", are now a couple and together they"ve created a whole new world for us to step into. Nice to Zeep you...

"Our music would develop organically and present itself in our everyday life, for example, Chris would be playing guitar on the sofa, I"d start singing and suddenly there would be a song" says Nina.

Whereas the Smoke City and Da Lata albums were produced and recorded in London these songs were recorded mostly in Brazil in the summer of 2006. Led by Nina & Chris the Brazilian arm of the extended Zeep family breathed some funky samba-magic into these tales of love, life and the universe. Back in London they called on some of this multi-cultural city"s finest musicians and friends to add their magic. "We wanted to produce an album that sounded like a live show. The result is a record that"s rootsy" adds Chris, "there are no programmed drums involved -this is music for music"s sake, recorded with everyone playing together."

Chris Franck Guitars-Vocal
Nina Miranda Vocals
Mike Mondesir Bass
Nikki Yeoh Keyboards
Davide Giovannini Drums